schooling fish in moalboal

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Ivonne's Beach Apartelle,
Panagsama Beach, Moalboal
6032 Cebu, Philippines
Tel.: +63 (0)32 -474 3132
Cell/Text: +63 (0) 917 321 1475

Scuba Diving in Moalboal

We are affiliated with 2 dive centers here in Moalboal. One, Cebu Fun Divers, is only a few meters away. the other, Savedra Dive Center, a PADI 5 Star Dive Center, is just a 5 min walk down the beach.

Here is some info, provided by the dive shops, about scuba diving in Moalboal:

If you are reading this then you are already planning your scuba diving vacation in Moalboal, good choice, the dive spots here are some of the best the Philippines has to offer.

It's not just the marine life, the whole package guarantees a fantastic experience, lets paint a picture, wake up in the morning and you can already see the calm waters just in front of your hotel. 

Take a coffee whilst taking in the sights and the beautiful Pescador island just 15 minutes away, if your first dive is a shore dive you only need to grab the equipment your divemaster has ready for you and walk the 10 meters to the shoreline and into the warm tropical waters, a 3 minute swim has you over the edge of the wall. If you opted for the morning dive that leaves every morning at 07:30 then its a 10 to 15 minute boat journey for you, look out for the dolphins along the way.

The 07:30 dive is certainly worth the effort, crystal clear calm waters unspoilt by the wake and noise of other boats, you will normally be back by nine for a relaxed breakfast. The 10:30 dive is next, that will have you back for lunch, the last boat dive of the day is 14;30 which gets you back in plenty of time for either a night dive or a sundowner at one of the local bars. Shore dives are available anytime on request.

So what marine life does Moalboal have for you?

Panagsama is famous for the sardine run, a seemingly endless school of sardines so dense they will block out the sunlight above you. These tasty snacks provide more entertainment in the form of Jacks, Tuna and occasional Thresher sharks that come up for a hunt. Whale sharks are not uncommon in this area, if you see one of these incredible animals on a dive you will never forget it.

The green turtle has long been the icon of Moalboals walls, it's rare that a dive will pass without sighting some of these graceful creatures lazily swimming along or sleeping among the coral. With dense unbroken stretches of hard and soft coral on every dive site you will have plenty to explore, look out for the smaller critters that live in there, pigmy seahorses, pipe fish, frog fish, crabs and shrimps.

The majority of our dive sites here are vertical walls with coral growth from 3-6 meters and deeper, making them accessible for divers of all ages and abilities. On any given dive you will share the water with people experiencing their first breaths underwater, Tec divers checking out the bottom of the wall at 65 meters, advanced and open water water divers, there is something for us all.

And, best of all, you can join one of the dive safaris and liveaboards from October to May every year

Achtung: Für unsere deutschen Gäste, Tauchsafaris werden hier Angeboten: